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Little-girl dreams find grown-up expression in rooms that work pink and purple into chic and sophisticated palettes.

Tradescantia pallida is a species of spiderwort (a genus of New World plants) more commonly known as wandering jew, a name it shares with the closely.Various vining plants of the Tradescantia genus are very common.

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Sometimes called purple queen, purple heart (Setcreasea pallida) is a low-growing tender perennial grown for its showy violet leaves and sprawling, dark-purple stems.Setcreasea pallida, or Purple Heart, a native of Mexico, is named for the striking purple color of the plant in full sun.

Yellow Wave Plant.Prepare the garden by breaking up the existing soil (use a hoe, spade, or power tiller).Get tips like watering, light, and more for this indoor plant.Whatever shade you choose — lilac, plum, mauve or aubergine — purple makes a statement.Tradescantia pallida is a tender evergreen perennial native to northeast Mexico (from Tamaulipas to Yucatan) grown as an ornamental for its striking purple foliage.

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Tradescantia spathacea, Rhoeo spathacea, Tradescantia discolor Family:.

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Setcreasea pallida, Setcreasea purpurea: Family: Commelinaceae:.The Atlas of Florida Plants provides a source of information for the distribution of plants within the state and taxonomic information.Tradescantia pallida, Setcreasea pallida (Purple heart, Purple queen) Tradescantia sillamontana.

A variation of the popular trailing Purple Heart indoor plant its leaves are marked.

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Also called inch plant, wandering Jew (Tradescantia zebrina) is a creeping evergreen plant grown for its colorful, striped leaves, which come in shades of purple.I first saw Purple Heart (Tradescantia pallida) during a spring garden tour a couple of years ago.

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Learn to grow purple waffle plant, an easy houseplants that has colorful leaves.

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Xeriscape Landscaping Plants For The Arizona Desert Environment. Tradescantia pallida,.