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A very small handful of copper-based pennies were minted during 1943 as a.But, before getting to that stage, the coin would need to be authenticated and certified by a major coin grading company.The Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints each produced.Find best value and selection for your Steel Core Coin Quarter search on eBay.

Your 1943 steel cent, an historic relic from the World War II era, is worth about 10 cents.In your opinion, do you think there is a great difference in quality between the ones that are mass.


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In either case, the coin would actually have no increased value.I seem to have a 1943 steel penny that has no number(4) between the 9 and the three, also the 9 appears to have been double struck.Just like today actually my grandpa gave me a 1923 buffalo nickel and a 1905 Indian head penny.No copper pennies were made in 1943 because of World War II.This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 16 June, 2011.A blank suitable for minting to form a coin or similarly disc-shaped article has an appropriately disc-shaped steel core completely encased by a copper coating.A two-component blank suitable for minting into a coin is described.

An unexpected phone call that revealed a. what you would expect of a coin with a steel core. The steel core is visible along the edge as a grayish band.

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One of the most interesting varieties the U.S. Mint created over its decades of producing Lincoln cents came in 1943.If these are indeed real how much do you think they are worth.

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Authentic 1943 copper pennies have drastically increased in value over the years.

The combination of a steel ring with a steel core provided exceptionally high separation force.The 1943 steel penny is composed of a steel core with a very thin outer layer of zinc.

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Its a coin with a piece of steel inside, so this gimmicked coin will be.

If you want to post a pic here, we would be glad to assist and give a better idea as to possible value.The process covers a steel core with alternating layers of metals,.Your 1943 steel cent is worth 10 to 50 cents in circulated grades.Steel Core Coin English Penny by Tango Magic This is a great accessory to use with any magnet.

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Note that in 1997 they tried the US coinage formula for a penny, but quickly moved on to the steel core.The rust on the edge of the heavy worn coins is a good argument in support of the steel core,. so the 5 bani 1966.Martinka Steel Core Nickel. Steel Core US Nickel coin for Magic Tricks with Magnets.

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For centuries, coins have been as indespensible tool for the close-up magician, and the quality of the gaffs has been astounding.Browse our online ammo store today for great deals on rifle ammo and more.I have a penny collection, 1941 to 1975 with tree 1943 steel pennies included.