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The Intel Open Source Technology Center is committed to open source projects including the Linux Kernel, graphics, Android, Webkit and others.

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You can find new and interesting open source projects to work on by checking out Explore GitHub and by searching repositories by topics.

Control Your Arduino From Your PC With the Qt Gui: 5 Steps

Borland Delphi is a software development platform based on the delphi.

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Menu Skip to content. How to build Pencil2D Step by Step. This guide is based on Qt 5.3 for Windows and Mac OS X.Development framework based on Qt and PJSIP for easily building.Help Recommend Qt Opensource Project. while if you aim to develop open-source applications using Qt KDE could be.

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Open source projects have been particularly successful in areas where the developers are developing for other.MITK-Framewok Project using Qt-Creator, gdb, Linux Mint 15 0 How to rebuild Qupzilla project.

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OpenRPT - Open source GUI report writer and renderer for

You can then get that from the KDE SVN repository, compile it yourself, change it, fix bugs, submit patches etc.QT is one of the main development libraries used in the open source world,.Internally the code base uses the CMake build system and requires Qt and OpenCV.

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Latest news and blog posts for OpenShot Video Editor. openshot-qt (Video Editor).How can I start to contribute to an open source software development project.Open Source Software: Top 59 Sites. open source projects and private projects with fewer than. including several projects related to OpenSUSE and Qt. Page 1 of.

CMake is an open-source, cross-platform family of tools designed to build, test and package software.One of the most challenging aspects of running an open-source project such as.


Example of a starting project structure for unit testing in Qt Creator.

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Nemiver - an open source (GPL) front-end for gdb based on the GNOME project and its components.

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