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Stay up to date with the latest Bitcoin Cash price movements and forum discussion.We are pleased to announce that on August 1st 2017, Bitcoin Cash (BCC) successfully launched.

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The problem is, if users move their coins from Coinbase now, they would not get credited any BCC as the coins.The major hard fork has resulted in the creation of a new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash (BCC).

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Transactions count, value, Bitcoin Cashs sent, difficulty, blocks count, network hashrate, market capitalization.Bitcoin Cash (BCC) is a cryptocurrency created via a fork of the Bitcoin network.Mining pool and Bitcoin exchange ViaBTC has begun trading the Bitcoin Cash (BCC) token for CNY in anticipation of a Bitcoin ABC hard fork on August 1.

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This prevents Bitcoin Cash transactions from being replayed on the Bitcoin blockchain and vice versa.

This means that if you own Bitcoin (that is, you control your own private keys) prior to the fork on 2017 August 1 12:20 UTC, you will have the same amount of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash after the fork.Bitcoin Cash (BCC) will be a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain 1:1, meaning that on August 1st you will get as many BCC coins as you have Bitcoins in your wallet.Bitcoin Cash is up 58.20% in 24 hours, up 166.78% on the week and up 0.00% on the month on a last price of 0.21689193 or.Exchanges or third-party bitcoin storage providers may or may not give you your Bitcoin Cash.This means that any user who held Bitcoin at the time of the fork (August 1st, 2017.Bittrex had no issue crediting the new coin to its users at a 1:1 rate but Coinbase is claiming that will create issues with their hot and cold storage.

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Bitcoin Cash price calculator, convert between Bitcoin Cash and USD, EUR and more fiat currencies with realtime prices.

Bitcoin Cash is the continuation of the Bitcoin project as peer-to-peer digital cash.On August 1st, at exactly 6:12 pm GMT, the first Bitcoin Cash.

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Many people (including myself) thought that this fork would only trigger if BIP148 were able to split the network.It now comes down to the level of support that Bitcoin Cash (BCC).Since Segwit is getting activated on Bitcoin, this fork gives many of these people a place to go.

Bitcoin Cash (BCC) Last. Vol. Sum Total Size (BCC ) Bid (ETH.Bitcoin Cash launched on July 23 2017 with an opening price of.15000000 BTC.All current Bitcoin. will automatically own Bitcoin Cash. Able to monitor the fiat equivalent of your wealth in BCC instead of the price (50 BCC.

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The price of bitcoin cash, the alt cryptocurrency, has taken a beating over the last 24 hours as investors look to dump their coins.The transaction signature is slightly different and the forking block has to be greater than 1MB.

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In fact, Coinbase would essentially be credited those BCC if users withdraw funds from the platform.In other words, many people thought Bitcoin Cash (and its client Bitcoin ABC) was just a credible threat to prevent a contentious user-activated soft fork (UASF).It is fully decentralized, with no central bank and requires no trusted third parties to operate.First, you should know that many exchanges, including Coinbase, are simply not prepared for this event.Bitcoin Cash Price Sees Sharp Drop as BCC Trading Volume Dries up by Two-thirds.

It is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain ledger, with upgraded consensus rules that allow it to grow and scale.

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Here are big potential risks and rewards, including whether the investment could.

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BitConnect seems to be concerned over the potential confusion that may arise as a result of listing Bitcoin Cash as BCC over.Second, all hard forks present two risks: replay and wipeout attacks.

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You should care because Bitcoin Cash is a permanent fork of Bitcoin.Should you invest in bitcoin cash instead of just holding on to traditional bitcoin.If you have million of dollars in an asset why not liquidate it.He used to mine bitcoins and altcoins but now focuses on blogging and educating others about digital currencies.He was introduced to Bitcoin in 2013 and has been involved with it ever since.

Conclusion Unfortunately, the Bitcoin Cash announcement brings more questions than answers.

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From the FAQ: Why was a fork necessary to create Bitcoin Cash.Bitcoin is surging higher as Bitcoin Cash (BCC) futures value crashes 50 percent prior to its proposed Aug. 1 activation date.After the scaling drama of the past few years, we finally made progress when BIP91 locked in on Thursday.

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