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Whether you find this delightful or terrifying probably depends on two things.

The Plastc all-in-one payment card could eat Coin's breakfast

Coin: Is This All-in-One Credit Card Gizmo Right for Your

Coin – Is this the one credit card to rule them all?

As hard as I try to minimize the number of cards I lug around in my wallet the numb.As a security protocol, the connected card can deactivate itself when left behind.

One startup aims to replace your handful of credit cards with one super card.San Francisco-based Coin is one of a handful of startups looking to replace all of the credit.

Coin is a connected device that can hold and behave like the cards you already carry.

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Hands on with the Coin credit card payment system

Learn more about features and pricing of the Stratos smart card that carries your debit, credit, gift, and loyalty cars all in one convenient place.

To me, the only real problem with Coin is that it feels like a stopgap technology, like those CD-changer cartridges that were popular for a little while before everyone switched to mp3s.Four stores visited, only one successful transaction. I Waited 19 Months for the Magic Coin Card and It Was a Big Disappointment.

OneCoin is a proprietary digital currency created by One Coin Limited,. which will be a requirement in order to.Most of us still carry around a wallet full of plastic cards that we routinely have to rifle through.Find great deals on eBay for coin card and electronic credit card.Coin vs Plastc vs Swyp vs Stratos. Coin. Coin is one of the most simple cards on this. you can simply plug the Swyp digital credit card into an included battery...Meet Coin, one thin card that stores an unlimited number of payment methods.Coin promises to shrink your wallet by consolidating all of your credit cards and gift cards into one device.

The One Credit Card That Could Instantly Replace All Your Other Credit Cards.

Coin puts all your cards into one digital credit card

Stratos and Coin: Are All-in-One Payment Cards a Good Idea?

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Coin, a device that will hold the information from all your credit cards, sounds like just the device you need.

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Coin Launches Version 2.0: An EMV-Ready All-in-One Card

Billed as a smart card that can replace all of the credit cards and debit cards currently in your wallet, Coin.Rewards are one of the most requested features in credit cards.Coin 2.0 - All your credit cards in one. Tap to pay. (iPhone, Payment, and Tech) Read the opinion of 30 influencers.

New Connected Credit Card Aims to Succeed Where Coin Failed. New Connected Credit Card Aims to Succeed Where Coin.Will this card be the only one you ever need in your wallet again.In a far distant past, before Apple Pay, and before Target was hacked. there was this company that had a brilliant idea.One of those products is the Coin card, the device that was supposed to replace my wallet and was introduced last.

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The Coin card boasts the ability to save up to eight credit, debit, ATM or loyalty cards on one single coin.

Costanza Wallet? Load All Your Credit Cards into One Coin