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Pastor has also called for the creation of a new currency which he has coined the.As Americans we do not, no, cannot relate to post WWI Germany because our nation has never faced such a crisis. This is it.

New Digital Currency Aims to Unite Every Money. many assumed McCaleb and the other founders of project were just trying to get rich off the new currency.In fact, there is a lot of discussion in international financial circles that oil should be traded in SDRs rather than in U.S. dollars.The MSM reports are deception and misdirection to buy more time.But once again, it is important to remember that the IMF does not see SDRs lasting forever either.The fact that the Keynesian system held up the US dollar as virtually the global currency put an enormous responsibility on essentially a national institution.China has long been uneasy about relying on the dollar for the bulk of its trade and to store foreign reserves.Search form Site Search. Search. You are now leaving the U.S. Currency Education Program website.The Bancor was JUST A TYPE of system needed not the very thing.China called for a replacement of the dollar, installed as the reserve currency after World War II, with a different standard run by the International Monetary Fund.

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On the other hand maybe we should just let things happen so that we Christians can meet our Maker.It is the individual currencies that are causing the problem.What the IMF is proposing right now may seem very innocent, but the long-term consequences of going down the road they want to put us on could potentially be absolutely catastrophic.

It prints money like most central banks, but this world money has the opaque name of special drawing right, or SDR.If you do that its great and its a way of national Pride but keep in mind drastic changes would need to occur becaus without the SDR replacing the US dollar the US economy will fail badly.I fear it is now too late to wake up and smell what is burning.A global currency may work if you can get every country in the world to agree to it.

Images show new designs for currency. New U.S. Constitutional Currency Images show new.When the path of least resistance is global then global it will be.SDR New World Order Currency. This new form of money is strictly created for the. about the SDR implemented by the end of next month or early October,.They put their message of prophecy to us on the new currency designed in.Not only could this event clear out the U.S. stock market, and cannibalise retirement savings, but it could ultimately end the way of life.New federal rules impose disclosure and complaint-handling. which went into effect Oct. 28,. the amount of foreign currency provided for every U.S.What was the role of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) in the train of events that resulted in the current crisis.

Yes, unfortunately this is what the IMF really has in mind for all of us.The Economic Collapse Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression.SDRs have actually been around for many years, but now they are being heavily promoted as an alternative to the dollar.The History of Money. Unlike Chinese coins which depended on base metals, these new. without the exchange of any physical currency.

It is almost certainly too late for the US Dollar to remain the reserve currency anyway.

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However, there are several reasons that may lead to the decline of the greenback.To save the existing monetary system, is just replacing the US dollar as the reserve currency by the IMF-SDR currency, and from thereon the dangers increase.Take a look at the striking resemblance between the hanging gardens of Babylon and the hanging gardens of the IMF atrium.Many think that it is exacerbated and not worthwhile to act against, because they cannot comprehend that we are dealing with a small group of satanic narcissistic psychopaths, who are organised according to the Freemason-sectarian ideology, and having unlimited influence and resources at their disposal.The imbalances between the external debt of US and surpluses of other countries have got to the peak of breaking point.I have to wonder if the viability of a unified currency is about as likely as a flying car.

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CNN clearly understands what the IMF is trying to accomplish with this new report.From now on you can receive the latest Final Wakeup Call news per e-mail, please subscribe to the mailing list using the form below.That will occur during the great battle when our Lord returns to get us.

The road to greater wealth for countries and the world as a whole will be paved by higher gold prices.If people only got a nickel in dollar-denominated wealth, pay attention.

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For the system to function the quantity of currency and currency credits in circulation would have to have a fixed source of authorization.

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Just imagine what a world currency would do. it would probably tear itself apart in a few years.For example, if gold entered the SDR with a weight roughly equivalent to that of the yen, pound, and renminbi, some small fraction of an ounce would be worth roughly 10 percent of the SDR.Obama Denounces Global Currency While Creating. the greenback with a new global currency,. replace it with a new form of international reserve currency.If the process is pushed to quickly, the masses will notice and resist.Rumor: The U.S. dollar will officially collapse after 1 July 2014 due to the implementation of H.R. 2847.

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