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Our soldiers are the defenders of our freedom, they protect us from enemies foreign and domestic, and without them there would be no America.Clint Lorance was found guilty of two counts of murder in the killing of Afghan civilians.Clint Lorance, who had just taken over as a platoon leader, and his soldiers were on a foot patrol alongside Afghan soldiers when three men.He was found not guilty of making a false official statement.

The PSG and squad leaders hopefully had a good enough grasp of the ROE to understand this change makes no sense.

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It was amazing the number of people who told me that if I was sufficiently provoked, I too would round up women and children, put them in a ditch and order my men to machinegun them.Clint Lorance had to make a split-second decision in Afghanistan and that decision landed him in jail.Furthermore it sounds like everyone knew it and called him out on it.Talking2Minds UK was established with the sole purpose of helping those suffering from PTSD or other severe stress related conditions.Clint Lorance. Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance, 28, was found guilty of 2 counts of murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison,.

On July 2, 2012, First Lieutenant Clint Lorance led a patrol in Afghanistan.He followed the rules of engagement and ordered his platoon to open fire on a.Clint Lorance: Sentenced 20 Yrs For Icing Taliban (Read 2018 times).Supporters of a former Army lieutenant sentenced to 20 years in Leavenworth.Media portrayals, no matter how seemingly realistic, only dimly reflect the true nature of...I have a very hard time accepting anybody familiar with ROE would believe this.

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Clint Lorance is a former first lieutenant in the U.S. Army who was found guilty of two counts.Clint Lorance was sentenced to 20 years in prison last year for a deadly shooting in Afghanistan.

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Anna Lorance, his mother, said he was a thoughtful and generous child growing up in rural Texas.

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Rule 2: Do not violate OPSEC, COMSEC, INFOSEC, PERSEC (or PII).His unit ended up getting small arms fire from that village regularly afterward, three soldiers were killed with an IED a month later.I am a firm believer that things can also get better over time.

Officer Charged in Shooting of Afghans. UPI. The incident prompted authorities to take away 1st Lt.

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Clint has been sentenced to 20 years confinement, forfeiture of all pay, and dismissal from the.Clint Lorance sentence of 20 years for the murder of two innocent Afghan men whom he thought.Clint Lorance was deployed to Afghanistan where he would replace a fallen lieutenant who had been injured in a military hot zone.Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance never should have seen the inside of a prison cell.A former Army Lieutenant sentenced to 20 years in prison last year is seeking clemency after new evidence in his case has surfaced. Lt. Clint Lorance was.